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4. By enabling bEnableDOF , you enabled the depth of field, causing the water to
blur your vision, which you further tweaked with DOF_FocusDistance , DOF_
FocusInnerRadius , and DOF_MaxNearBlurAmount . Also, by changing Scene_
Highlights X to 2.000000 and Z to 0.500000 , you gave the water a blue overlay.
5. Experiment all you like with these seings, as you can accomplish some great efects
using them.
What just happened?
You are done! Addiionally, you can also add a HeightFog actor to simulate depth in the body
of water, but this will work only if the water is at the lowest point of the level, otherwise
the fog would also cover other areas of the level, and you obviously don't want that. A fog
volume might bring relief in such a case ( Actor | Info | FogVolumeDensityInfo ). Lava, slime,
and the others are all handled in the same way.
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