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Assign the material to the plane using the Material property in the Rendering
secion of the properies of the plane.
What just happened?
So we have now created the surface dimension for the water to be placed. Let's now go ahead
and add the water paricle, which will also be swimmable for the player to move about.
Time for action - water volumes
1. Resize the red builder brush so that it covers everything that you wish to flood. It
is important to match the top face of the red builder brush exactly with the plane
you've just placed, or else the water would actually end at a locaion other than
what the plane would imply. The plane's only use is to visually represent a body of
water. The real water, however, is enirely independent of the plane. It would be
possible to delete the plane and sill have water to swim in, albeit invisible water.
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