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Look around, and once you know what to look for, you'll see atmospheric meshes
everywhere. Reuse anything that you think will fit your level, but be careful, as the quickest
way to kill performance is to have too many overlapping atmospheric meshes. Make sure
that you can only see through one or two of these meshes at a ime, from any camera angle.
In other words, don't make a hallway with 30 haze cards staggered down its length.
Time for action - creating the surface
1. Go to the generic browser and find yourself a nice plane. Package UN_
SimpleMeshes (loaded by default), has one.
2. Add the plane to the level and posiion it correctly. You may need to scale it up a lot
to make it it the area.
3. In its properies, expand the secion Collision and set CollisionType to NoCollision .
4. Next, expand the secion StaicMeshActor , then the secion Lighing , and disable
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