Game Development Reference
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17. You can move a control point by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard and dragging
the point upwards. Move the first control point up to around 0.25 verical. Leave
the other one unmodified. You now have a curve that begins at the value 0.25 and
then fades to the value 0 . In other words, it begins with 25 percent opacity and goes
to 0 percent throughout its life.
18. The smoke now fades out. To make it fade in, you would need to add a third control
point in the middle, and set the first control point back at 0,0 .
19. The last thing to do is to make the paricle grow in size. This too is done with the
curve editor.
20. Right-click the Paricle Emiter column in Area 2 and choose Size | Size By Life . Then
click on the litle scan line buton to add the module to the curve editor, like you did
for the ColorOverLife module as well.
21. Click the litle yellow square of the AlphaOverLife secion in the curve editor to
make its curve invisible, as it will only get in your way when working with the size
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