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12. Let's tackle the fading irst. Right-click the paricle emiter column and add a new
module: Color | ColorOverLife . If your paricle didn't show up in a non-wireframe
view at first, it probably will do so now.
13. To add the ColorOverLife module to the curve editor and finally gain some
funcionality for it, click the litle buton on the module. Curves can be hidden by
clicking on the litle yellow square in the let column of the curve editor. Do so for
the ColorOverLife curve, since you don't need this at all right now, but it will be
available when working with the alpha curve.
14. Now, you may noice that you either can't see the alpha curve or that you can't add
extra control points to it. The reason for this is because the AlphaOverLife curve is
always wrongly configured by default, it is configured as a constant simple number,
and you obviously don't want a simple number, but a whole curve to control it.
15. Expand AlphaOverLife in the properies secion to the let and click on Distribuion
unil you get a blue triangle buton on the right of it. Click that triangle and choose
DistribuionFloatConstantCurve .
16. Left-clicking and dragging makes you pan through the curve editor view, the mouse
wheel zooms in and out. If all is right, you will see a flat purple (could have another
color too) line in it. This is the AlphaOverLife curve. The horizontal numbers are
the ime , and the verical ones are the amount . Add a control point by holding the
Ctrl key on your keyboard, and click somewhere on the line. You need two control
points, one at 0 horizontally and the other at 1.0 horizontally.
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