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In the upcoming sections I go into more detail on those classes and explain what
they're used for. For now, I focus on the high-level concepts, and it's sufficient for you
to know that CCSprite displays a texture on the screen, CCLabelTTF prints arbit-
rary text, and CCNode , CCScene , and CCLayer are used mainly to group nodes to-
Figure 3-1 depicts the shoot 'em up game that you'll create, starting in Chapter 6 , and
illustrates what's not immediately noticeable to players of the game but very important
for game developers to understand.
Figure 3-1 . A shoot 'em up game
The scene in Figure 3-1 is entirely made of CCSprite objects. At least that's what
you can see. What you can't see is how the CCScene and CCLayer classes are used
to group and order the various sprites—several background layers, the player's ship,
the enemies, the bullets, and the virtual joypad and button. To illustrate the layering of
this scene's elements, Figure 3-2 shows an exploded view drawing of that scene.
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