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Figure 2-18 . Changing the Build Configuration of a build scheme
You can also create a duplicate of the scheme and set one to use the Debug build con-
figuration and the other to use Release. That way you can quickly change between
build configurations without having to go through the Manage Schemes menu. Note
that you don't need to do the same with the cocos2d-library scheme—it will automatic-
ally use the same build configuration as the app.
Wow, that was a lot for a “Getting Started” chapter! In the first part of this chapter you
learned to download and set up all the necessary tools to the point where you had your
first cocos2d and Kobold2D template projects running. You also learned how to enable
ARC in cocos2d projects.
I then walked you through the basics of the template project to get you up to speed with
how an iOS cocos2d application works in principle, and somewhat in detail as well. I
do have a pet peeve about proper memory management, which is why I also included
those details. I think it's important because it's easy to misunderstand or even com-
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