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Even if you sell your app, you could publish a free (lite) version of it that uses In-App
Purchase to unlock the full version while the user is running the app. For you it can be
as little as setting a BOOL variable to YES after the purchase is made, but for the user
it's so much more convenient not having to go back to the App Store to make the pur-
chase. I have no data on this, but you can expect that a significant percentage of users
won't make the purchase simply because it means quitting your app, waiting for the
App Store to load, entering their password, and then waiting for the download to finish.
To get acquainted with In-App Purchase, you can (and should) read Apple's extensive
and detailed In-App Purchase Programming Guide: ht-
troduction.html .
But then again, you may want to get started as quickly as possible and learn as you go.
With a technology as complex and involving as In-App Purchase, getting started can be
quite frustrating, but Ray Wenderlich's tutorial will help you get up on your feet:
chases .
Because Apple is constantly improving its technologies, some of the information in the
tutorial may no longer apply. In such a case, it's very helpful to study the Technical
Note TN2259: Adding In-App Purchase to your iOS and Mac Applications: ht-
_index.html . This is a relatively short guide that helps you overcome the typical
hurdles of implementing
In-App Purchase, including links to set up your contracts, tax and banking information,
and a FAQ.
I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the surrounding technologies and resources
that may be useful for creating your game and becoming a successful game developer,
including where to get help and where to find royalty-free game art and audio.
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