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database and usually runs verifications that ensure that players haven't tampered with
their app or the stream of data coming in to defeat cheats and exploits.
Electrotanks's Electroserver is a feature-rich server technology used
by professionals worldwide. It's priced accordingly, but it does have a
free version that allows for up to 25 concurrent users to be connected
with the game server. If that's sufficient for you, give it a try: .
SmartFoxServer by gotoAndPlay() follows in the tracks of Electroserver.
It's not as feature rich, but it's very popular among independent game
developers, mostly because it has a completely free Lite version, while
the Basic and Pro versions still allow up to 20 users for free. In general,
the prices are more affordable for independent developers. Compare the
page: .
Exit Games follows a two-pronged approach by offering a networking
component called Photon and a managed service for developing persistent
online games called Neutron. Neutron natively supports the development
of turn-based multiplayer games, and it can suspend and resume game ses-
sions. Photon has a free version that supports up to 50 concurrent users per
app or server, and Neutron has a free trial version. Compare features and
prices on the Exit Games web site: .
Push Nojpgication Providers
Push nojpgications are those little alert messages popping up on your iPhone's screen,
whether you're using it or not. Some apps use them to inform users about the stock
market, about a live sporting event, or simply to let you know that there's a new comic
strip available. The uses are endless. The greatest power of push nojpgications is that it
gives your users an incentive to keep using your app; they won't forget it as easily if
they let the app remind them about news and events.
You may have heard of Apple's push nojpgication service, but if not, you can learn
more about it in Apple's Push Nojpgication Programming Guide: ht-
tp:// library/ios/#documentation/NetworkingInternet/
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