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Figure 2-17 shows the Project Navigator area for both a Kobold2D and a cocos2d pro-
ject. You'll notice they're mostly identical as far as the source code is concerned. Be-
cause Kobold2D utilizes an Xcode workspace, you'll also find an additional project
named Kobold2D-Libraries. That's where you can access all the library source code. In
a cocos2d project these files are located in the libs group.
Figure 2-17 . Xcode's Project Navigator eXEmplary for a Kobold2D and a cocos2d project
Caution Xcode's Project Navigator pane looks a lot like folders and files in
Finder. But the folders with yellow icons are actually called groups , and they're
like virtual folders. Groups allow you to arrange files logically without affect-
ing their actual folder location. You can move files between groups and rename
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