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In addition, push nojpgications are a powerful tool for you to remind your users about
important events happening in your app. Be it an update, new content, or just the next
game you released, it gives you an additional channel to keep your users engaged with
your apps and your brand.
Social Networks
Besides Apple's Game Center technology, there are a number of different social net-
working platforms. All are more or less similar in that they allow players to connect,
post high scores, earn achievements, and do many other things, including posting game
events to Twitter and Facebook—and all of them are free for both players and deve-
Because their feature sets are constantly evolving, and the market for social networks is
booming, the final decision is up to you. I list the big players here and mention some of
their outstanding features.
Note Most of the social networking SDKs as well as ShareKit ( ht-
tp:// ) already include support for connecting your
users with Twitter and Facebook, so you don't need to learn and implement the
separately available Facebook and Twitter APIs. If all you need is access to
Twitter, you should have a look at the excellent MGTwitterEngine API from
Matt Gemmell, at 02/22/
mgtwitterengine-twitter-from-cocoa. And if you need to integrate Facebook in-
to your app, the official Facebook iOS SDK is located on GitHub: ht-
tp:// .
OpenFeint is the perceived leader of iOS social networking SDKs. It
boasts Game Center compatibility and turn-based multiplayer features to
stand out from the crowd. But first and foremost it's very popular, with an
audience of players numbering in the millions. Have a look at OpenFeint's
developer portal: .
Scoreloop sets itself apart from the competition by offering additional
revenue streams via downloadable content, sharing virtual goods and
in-game currencies. It also includes analytics to determine what your
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