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for about anything, from game engines to converters, from scripting languages to serv-
er technologies, and from asset packages to game editors. Maintained by Robert
“Robc” Charney, it's the place I go to see if there's a tool available that fits my bill.
Visit the site here: .
Just a minor caveat: don't put too much weight on the ratings of individual tools. The
number of ratings is very small, so there can be huge differences between similar tools,
and the ratings may be biased by both unhappy users and proactive communities. You
should leave your mark and add some of your own ratings so that over time the ratings
become more accurate. In addition, some tools simply can't be compared by rating;
they may have totally different uses, making it unfair to compare them based on their
rankings on the Indie Game Tools web site.
So, you made a game and submitted it to the App Store. Now what? How do people
find your game in the first place?
The story starts at the beginning. The moment you begin working on your game should
also be the starting point for your marketing efforts. Get a web site up and running and
post your development experiences and maybe some work-in-progress screenshots.
That should be your first step to connect with other game developers.
In terms of the marketing and business aspects, I'd like to save you some time. The fol-
lowing link is to the Big List of Indie Marketing and Business Tips, and I have to say
that's an understatement. You'll find most of the meaningful and intelligent articles
ever written on the subject on just this one page, so be sure to look at it even if you're
only mildly interested in the marketing and business aspects of indie game develop-
ment. Check it out at
big-list-of-indie-marketingand-business-tips .
Still interested in marketing? Good, check out the free e-book Videogame Marketing
and PR , written by Scott Steinberg. You can get it on the topic's web site: .
Marketing Your Game and Yourself
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