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tains all rights to how the work can be used. If there's no explicit waiver, preferably in
the form of a license, then you should not use this work (especially not in commercial
products, and that includes $0.99 apps sold via the iTunes App Store).
For reference, I'd like to point you to Funplosion Labs, which has an article listing web
sites where you can get free game graphics and audio. Funplosion also disclaims this
with a warning about the copyright and a link to the license agreement for each web
site (see ) .
And don't forget the wonderful OpenGameArt website ( ht-
tp:// ) where you'll find not just art but also sound and music
for free.
Caution Be wary of the General Public License (GPL), especially if used by a
source code library that you want to use or integrate into a commercial app.
Using GPL-licensed code in your own project requires you to open source your
own project's source code. Not just that, but anyone else is subsequently given
the right to use your source code and to copy, modify, and redistribute it. Note
that the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license is not as stringent. Sim-
ilarly there are two Creative Commons licenses. The CC-BY 3.0 is non-restrict-
ive, whereas the Share-Alike version CC-BY-SA 3.0 requires you to share your
project with that same license. Refer to this link for a comparison of common
source code licenses:
tion/licensing/licenses_summary.html .
Finding the Tools of the Trade
Sometimes you may wish you had a tool that just does that , whatever that might be.
There are times as a game developer where you need to process data, modify images,
or build whole worlds—things that are tedious and error-prone to do in code or simply
too time-consuming to do on your own because you'd rather focus on writing your
My tip is to use the Indie Game Tools web site, which collects, categorizes, and allows
others to rate game design tools for independent game developers. The focus here isn't
on expensive software used by professional studios but on low-cost and free solutions
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