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Rule, We Farm, Epic Pet Wars, and Rolando. Visit ngmoco's web site at . The other is Chillingo, who has released games like Minigore, the
Quest, Knight's Rush, and of course Angry Birds. Chillingo's web site is .
Finding Freelancers
If you believe in your game and you're ready to invest money into it, you may want to
get help from professional freelancers worldwide. Besides asking for jobs in the
cocos2d forum itself, you can also post a job offer on one of the more popular out-
sourcing web sites. Likewise, you can also offer your expertise as a freelancer to em-
ployers on these sites. Plenty of web sites offer such services; you'll even find some
that can hook you up with someone close to where you live.
I'll refer you to the ones that I know work best and have a good reputation: they're
eLance ( ) and Guru ( ).
They both work on the same principle. You post a job offer, which could be a small
task or an entire project. Then you receive proposals from candidates, from which you
can pick one or more to do the job. Once you've received, reviewed, and approved the
work, you pay the freelancer. Abuse can be reported and basically locks the offender
out of the platform, so although you need to be able to trust people you've never
worked with, the risks are minimal for both parties. I recommend choosing smaller
tasks to start with. Just as if you were to get into the stock market, by starting small you
can get a good feel for how this works and what can happen.
Finding Free Art and Audio
The alternative to hiring someone to do the work for you is to find the work available
on the Internet (preferably for free). However, be careful about anything that's “free.”
I'm not saying that it might have a catch; I'm warning about the common misconcep-
tion that free means “can be used freely.” It may not cost you anything to get an image
or audio file that's free, but that doesn't tell you anything about what you're legally al-
lowed to do with it. That's typically where a license should come into play but often
doesn't. A lot of people publish their own source code, artwork, audio, and writings for
free on the Internet but forget to add a proper license file to it if the work is intended to
be used by others. The problem is that by default, the author has the copyright and re-
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