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Figure 2-16 . Review how Xcode is changing the code to make it comply with ARC
Afterwards, Xcode has also enabled the Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting
build setting for the converted target. The code should build and run with ARC en-
abled, so go ahead and try it out now.
The Anatomy of cocos2d and Kobold2D
So you now know how to create ARC-enabled cocos2d and Kobold2D projects. Per-
fect. Say no more, say no more.
But now you want to know how it works, right? Well, I didn't expect you'd let me off
the hook so easily. And something tells me that however deep I go into the details over
the course of the topic, you'll want to know more. That's the spirit!
Let's check what's in the respective "Hello World" projects and see how it all works to-
gether so you get a rough overview of how things are connected. Feel free to play
around with this "Hello World" project. If anything breaks, you can just start over by
creating a new project based on one of the project templates.
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