Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 17-8 . Abstract War 2.0 by Forzefield Studios SL
â–ª Fuji Leaves is an interesting music game, where dropping balls hit leaves,
and depending on the speed and location of impact, a sound is played.
With several balls on the screen bouncing around, you can dynamically
create musical scores. It's intensely fascinating to play this game, trying
to come up with interesting scores and just the right placement of leaves.
Before you know it, an hour has passed.
The Business of Making Games
This section covers social gaming, ads, and In-App Purchase—basically, the business
of making games. In this section, the focus isn't on technology; I talk about my experi-
ence as a professional and independent game developer and what it takes to make suc-
cessful games.
At least the tips provided in this section will improve your odds to make a more suc-
cessful game with the right people, and you'll learn how to market the game to your
target audience.
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