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▪ Then there's Farmville —do I even have to explain what it's about? It's an
incredibly successful Facebook game that has millions of players world-
wide building their farms in an isometric landscape. It just goes to show
how powerful cocos2d is if a company like Zynga uses it to port its most
successful game to the iPhone. It's notable that Zombie Farm came out on
the iPhone before Farmville, and it was also created with cocos2d.
Melvin Says There's Monsters (iPad) is a beaujpgully animated cartoon
kid story with professional-quality voiceovers. The story is cleverly con-
structed and has an insightful turning point. It's a pleasure to watch even
for an adult, and it also uses cocos2d's page-flip animations very effect-
ively. If you have an iPad and kids, it's a must have!
Trainyard is an innovative puzzle game that was clearly engineered with
the user in mind. It features a mode for the color-blind, is optimized to use
little battery power, saves and loads the game just as the user left it, and
even allows users to share puzzle solutions on the Web, using a duplicate
of the game engine written in Flash. All this, besides being a really innov-
ative puzzle game where you lay tracks and combine trains to match them
with colored train yards.
Abstract War 2.0 is a dual-stick shooter featuring colorful and vibrant
geometric visuals (see Figure 17-8 ). It's obviously inspired by Geometry
Wars on Xbox Live Arcade. It's an intense space-shooter with plenty of
game modes. You can even play it in multiplayer mode via a Bluetooth
connection, and it allows you to use your own iPod music.
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