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StickWars is a game where you defend your castle from incoming stick
figures by flicking them in the air or literally shaking them to the ground.
The developer, John Hartzog, had never before worked with Objective-C
or on mobile devices, but he pulled it off. StickWars remains to this date
within the top 100 games and continues to be updated even a year after the
initial release.
ZombieSmash is also a castle defense game, except that this time hordes
of zombies are attacking, and you get explosives, 16-ton weights, shot-
guns, and other cool items that make a bloody mess to fend them off (see
Figure 17-7 ) . Your castle is your barn, and if you can defend it, you'll be
rewarded with a slow-motion animation of the final zombie losing its, err,
unlife. The outstanding feature of this game is certainly the rag-doll anim-
ation system that allows zombies to walk, crawl, or otherwise try to move
even if they've lost some of their limbs.
Figure 17-7 . Zombie Smash by GameDoctors
Super Turbo Action Pig revives the simple game play concept of a
scrolling level where your character always falls down, except when you
touch the screen to boost his jetpack. The extraordinary part here is that
the game's graphics are extremely well made and the overall presentation
of the game, the trailer, the web site, and the humor set a great example.
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