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Instead of providing an iTunes link to each app in the topic, I decided to create a post
on my blog where I host all the links to the games mentioned here, and I'll update this
list to include noteworthy games released after the topic has been published. You can
find the list of links to these apps, including other links of interest, on the Great Apps
Made With cocos2d page:
apps-made-with-cocos2d .
The Elements (iPad) is a graphical representation of the periodic table
of elements. The outstanding features are the plenjpgul photographs and
smooth 360 animations that invite you to explore the elements that make
up you, me, and the rest of the universe (excluding empty space, of which
there's a lot I've been told). It's priced high but worth every cent, and if
you need an app that will let you brag about your new iPad, this is it!
Bloomies is a colorful gardening game, full of bees (see Figure 17-6 ). If
that doesn't sway you, maybe the idea of fostering and nurturing your own
garden does. The flowers need your constant attention, and the game play
is addictive, just like any Tamagotchi-style game. Oh, and it happens to be
made by two former colleagues of mine. It's just a beaujpgul game, and so
is their follow-up game, Super Blast.
Figure 17-6 . Bloomies from Phantoom Entertainment
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