Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
▪ Andreas Löw explains TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor
▪ Vladu Bogdan expounds on LevelHelper and SpriteHelper
▪ Zynga acquires Cocos2d contributors
▪ Tools in Cocos2d iPhone game development
▪ Game engines and frameworks as alternatives to Cocos2d
Tools, Tools, Tools
In this topic I've introduced you to what I think are the best tools for each purpose.
However, there are usually alternatives. If you also read the first edition of this topic,
you know that I used different tools in that first edition than here in the second. In less
than a year, some tools put on wings, and others essentially stopped progressing and
fell behind.
Because that almost natural process is not going to change in the future, and it's hard to
predict which tools are here to stay and which aren't over the coming years, I wanted to
share an alphabetically sorted list of currently existing tools that you can use for
cocos2d without going into describing them and regardless of their current state, except
of course that they need to be usable and functional at the very least.
You can use the following tools for development with cocos2d. I highlighted my per-
sonal favorites in bold:
▪ Bitmap font tools
▪ BMFont (Windows):
▪ Fonteditor:
Glyph Designer :
▪ Hiero:
▪ LabelAtlasCreator:
▪ Particle editing tools
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