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Figure 17-5 . The source code of BATAK Duel for iPhone is for sale
Cocos2D Podcast
Mohammad Azam and I are recording the Cocos2D Podcast to report on recent events;
to talk about hot topics; to interview game developers, tool authors, and bloggers; and
to give listeners insider information and insights into game development with cocos2d.
The Cocos2D Podcast is available on, and new epis-
odes are announced on . Each episode runs
between 30 to 60 minutes. Here's a selection of episode topics we've covered so far:
▪ Earning additional revenue using iAds, IAP, selling source code, and so on
▪ Michael Daley explains Particle Designer and Glyph Designer
▪ Ray Wenderlich talks about Cocos2d, his book, workshops, and more
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