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The license is fair, only asking you not to make a clone of iUridium but expressly al-
lowing you to make your own side-scrolling shooter game. But you do have to replace
all the artwork, music, and sound effects with your own.
You can find all the information about iUridium, pictured in Figure 17-4 , on this web
site: .
Figure 17-4 . The iUridium's game source code is available for sale
BATAK Duel Source Code
Dan Nelson is the developer of BATAK Duel for iPhone. He created this game in five
months with no prior iPhone game-development knowledge. He managed to integrate
OpenFeint into the game, a menu system, and of course savegames. The app is rich in
visuals, both by utilizing cocos2d's particle system as well as additional effects such as
lighting, smoothly scrolling credits, and a transparent pop-up keyboard.
The license is fair, only asking you not to use any of the BATAK Duel artwork, music,
and sound effects. You can find more information about the BATAK Duel source code,
pictured in Figure 17-5 , on this web site: .
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