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Figure 17-3 . Ray and Vicki Wenderlich's Space Game Starterkit
iUridium Source Code
If you had a Commodore 64 home computer in the 1980s or early 1990s, chances are
that you've played or at least heard of Uridium. Uridium was a fast-paced space game
shooter with a unique feature: you could change the flight direction of your spaceship
with a smoothly animated Immelmann turn, to fly over the enemy spacecraft from end
to end to complete various objectives. If you will, it was one of the early free-roaming
world type of games.
Nenad Alajbegovic has paid homage to Uridium by porting it to the iPhone; the iOS
version is appropriately named iUridium. You get the entire source code for the game,
which uses just about everything the cocos2d game engine has to offer, and then some.
For example, Nenad implemented caching (pooling) of bullets and enemies to create a
smooth game play. He also has UIKit views, Game Center leaderboards, and Facebook
and Twitter integrated. The levels are created entirely as tilemaps and dynamically
loaded from XML into the game's scene and layer nodes.
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