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Figure 17-2 . The Line-Drawing Game Starterkit example game (iPad)
The Space Game Starterkit
The Space Game Starterkit evolved from Ray Wenderlich's Space Game Tutorial
iphone-game ) into a commercial starter kit for making a side-scrolling shoot-'em-
up game.
As with the iPhone RPG Game Kit, there's added value in the form of four epic tutori-
als included in the purchase. The tutorials explain a lot of the details that go into mak-
ing this particular game and games in general. Coming from Ray Wenderlich, you can
expect high-quality code and tutorials.
Ray's wife, Vicki, provided the artwork for the Starterkit. You can reuse and modify
the artwork as you like as long as you credit Vicki Wenderlich. She runs an iPhone art
blog at .
Learn more about the Space Game Starterkit, pictured in Figure 17-3 , in Ray Wender-
lich's store:
kit .
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