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Line-Drawing Game Starterkit
My Line-Drawing Game Starterkit is modeled after successful games like Flight Con-
trol and Harbor Master. If you like to create line-drawing games, this starter kit gets
you going with drawing lines, moving objects along the paths, collision detection, and
a clearly structured code base, including both iPhone and iPad versions.
Each purchase grants you a site license, which means your whole team is allowed to
use the game's source code and assets. Because it's a starter kit, you're naturally al-
lowed to make clones of the game. I also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, and I'll
be happy to help you learn the starter kit's source code and give directions on how to
extend it.
Tip If you start to follow @gaminghorror (me) on Twitter, you'll receive a dir-
ect message from me within a day. I will include a secret coupon code with
which you can buy the Line-Drawing Game Starterkit at 30% off! Should you
already be following me, tell a friend to follow me to get the coupon code.
The Line-Drawing Game Starterkit's product page contains the starter kit's feature list,
links to the demo apps (see Figure 17-2 ), a code sample, and the complete documenta-
kit .
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