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Quexlor Action-RPG Engine Code and Tutorial
The Action-RPG Engine was formerly known as the iPhone Game Kit. It's one of the
first source code game kits for cocos2d and was created by Nathanael M. Weiss. The
game Quexlor: Lands of Fate (see Figure 17-1 ) is a role-playing hack-and-slash game
following in the footsteps of Diablo, featuring a large tilemap world with multiple
levels, various monsters, and plenty of items. The game kit comes with a huge amount
of royalty-free graphics created by Reiner Prokein, a comprehensive Make Your Own
iPhone Game e-book, and a publishing guide that explains in detail how to submit your
game to the App Store. Obviously, you also get the game's excellently crafted source
code, but that almost seems secondary.
Figure 17-1 . Quexlor: Lands of Fate (iPad) is a game made with the iPhone Game Kit
You can find the link to the Quexlor game on the App Store, an iPhone Game Creation
for Beginner's Kit, and a whole lot more information about the RPG Engine on its web
site, so I suggest taking a look: .
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