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published them on his web site: .
Besides cocos2d tutorials, on this site you'll also find other highly interesting iPhone
SDK-related tips and tricks. In at least one particular case, this is also helpful for
cocos2d developers, where Ray explains how to save and load your app's data. This
can be applied to saving and loading games as well (see
nscoding-and-nsfilemanager ) .
The iDevBlogADay articles on my Learn & Master cocos2d web site ( www.learn- category/idevblogaday) are mainly tutorials and guides. You learn
how to enable ARC in cocos2d projects, gain insights in the iOS Sales Statistics, how
to write a Webcam Viewer with cocos2d, and how to upgrade an existing cocos2d pro-
ject to a newer version—and a lot more.
You should definitely join the Twitterverse and create a list or saved search for cocos2d
and kobold2d. There are so many really good tutorials, but they're spread far and wide.
Another great way to keep track of great articles about iOS development in general is
to visit the Cocoa Literature web site
Personally, I learn best by browsing through other people's code. One of the first things
I did when I got cocos2d and found the documentation lacking was to invest in the
Sapus Tongue source code project to see how cocos2d is actually being used in a game.
It was very helpful for getting started quickly.
Note Since Zynga acquired certain assets of Sapus Media, the Sapus Tongue
Source Code and Level SVG products are no longer available. However, the
source code products I'm introducing in the following sections are excellent re-
The advantage of commercially sold source code compared to the open source projects
is that you rarely get support for the latter, and they're almost never updated, to the
point that most of the open source projects you'll find are using versions of cocos2d
prior to v1.0—with one exception, the official cocos2d-iphone-extensions project: .
The following source code projects are all commercial offerings. I refrain from listing
prices because they're subject to change. You can also browse these products on my
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