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Forums are a great way for communities to interact with each other. But as such, they
tend to get a little chatty, and searching for a specific answer can be cumbersome be-
cause the forum's content isn't strictly limited to solving problems.
That's exactly where Q&A web sites like Stack Exchange shine. You go in, ask a par-
ticular question, and get answers. Because the focus is on Q&A, it's easier to find ex-
isting answers. And if you really like a question or answer, you can vote it up so it will
be listed higher on search results.
I'm regularly amazed by the show of expertise from contributors on the Stack Ex-
change network. This is in part thanks to the built-in badge and points system, making
it very rewarding to both ask interesting questions and write thoughtful, in-depth an-
swers. The Stack Exchange network is comprised of several free Q&A web sites, the
most popular and my personal favorite being ,
which is about programming questions in general.
You won't find as many questions about cocos2d on Stack Overflow as you will on the
official cocos2d forum, but the questions on Stack Overflow are good ones, and almost
all of them get good answers. There's a bit of confusion about the use of search tags on
the site, with both cocos2d and cocos2d-iphone used to tag questions regarding the
iPhone version of cocos2d. This can be attributed to the success of cocos2d for iPhone,
in that it has become synonymous with the name cocos2d itself. Use these two links to
find all the cocos2d for iPhone-related questions on Stack Overflow:
Stack Exchange is expanding as a Q&A web sites network. One of the latest additions
is the Game Development Q&A web site. On this site you can ask general game pro-
gramming questions and about anything game development-related in general, includ-
ing design, marketing, and sales. Check out the Game Development Stack Exchange
site at .
Tutorials and FAQs
Plenty of tutorials for cocos2d are on the Web, but one tutorial writer clearly stands out
from the crowd: Ray Wenderlich. He's written more than a dozen cocos2d tutorials and
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