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Cocos2d Home Page
This may seem obvious, but if you have a question related to cocos2d, you should stop
by and join the cocos2d community in the forum: http://cocos2d- .
In the cocos2d forum, you can ask about anything related to cocos2d. It has subforums
for hot topics like audio programming, physics engines, social networks, cocos3d, and
ads, as well as a general forum for Objective-C and iPhone SDK-related questions. For
the most part, the cocos2d community is friendly and very helpful, and a lot of great
example code and development stories have been shared on the forum.
Before asking questions, be sure to search both the forum and the official cocos2d doc-
umentation wiki: .
In addition, you can announce your newly released game in the cocos2d games forum.
Don't forget to also add it to the list of games made with cocos2d. You can do this on
the cocos2d Games page: .
Cocos2D Central
I launched a community hub called Cocos2D Central for everything related to cocos2d.
Most importantly, there are forum sections for cocos2d, the topic, Kobold2D, and my
game kits. Cocos2D Central also hosts the official forum of cocos2d-javascript, the
web browser port of cocos2d.
In the Resources section, there are several small tutorials available, and the Downloads
section hosts all files I currently offer for download, including the cocos2d installer and
the source code for this topic.
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