Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
You'll also learn about the reference games and apps made available with cocos2d.
They'll give you a good impression of what's possible with the cocos2d game engine
and also what you can achieve as an independent developer. One of the most exciting
learning tools is other people's source code, so I've included a list of commercial
cocos2d source code projects that are on sale for exactly this reason.
Most of all, “out of the ordinary” should be the guiding principle for whatever you do.
Create something that's different, and don't be afraid to be different.
Additional Resources for Learning and
The purpose of this section is to help you find answers to your questions, get support
for a particular problem, obtain more source code to learn from and base your own
games on, and of course introduce you to all the cocos2d tools and some of the best
cocos2d reference games.
It is also the purpose of my blog at . You'll find
the latest updates and cocos2d game development tips and tricks on my blog, where I
post a new in-depth article every other Thursday.
Where to Find Help
Whether you're facing a technical problem that you can't solve on your own or need
more people to work on your game, you can get help. In addition, if you're looking for
art, audio, or tools, I know just where you can find what you're looking for, or at least
where you can begin your search.
Tip If you get stuck and don't know what else to try, just writing down what
the problem is, what you're trying to achieve, and what you've done so far can
help. Most of the time it frees your mind to think of things you haven't tried
yet, and more often than not it leads to a solution. If not, at least you now have
a summary you can post to a forum or Q&A site, which will help you get a
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