Game Development Reference
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Chapter 17
Out of the Ordinary
This final chapter contains no source code. I'm not even going to talk much about the
cocos2d engine. Instead, I'd like to focus on where you can look after finishing this
book, if you want to ask questions and learn more. Without a doubt, the number one
place to go after reading this topic is . Every other week
I publish an in-depth article about example code, guidance, references, the state of af-
fairs, and the occasional opinion piece. You'll also find links to the Cocos2D Podcast
and my LearnCocosTV channel.
You should also investigate which technologies may be useful to implement in your
game, such as advertising, analytics, one of the many social networking libraries, and
even server technology used in persistent world games.
Everything you ever wanted to know is probably somewhere on the Internet. It may
simply be hiding. If you want to know where to find art, audio, and freelancers, you're
in luck—I provide good starting points in this chapter.
I also give you a glimpse into marketing and public relations in this final chapter. Those
are topics I'm often asked about, and they're full of mystery and misunderstandings. I
discuss working with a publisher and how you can benefit from such a relationship and
also how to market your game and yourself.
For an independent developer, it's very important to be recognized by the community as
a creative, enthusiastic game developer and to connect with the community. All your so-
cial networking efforts will then help you promote your game simply by being able to
reach out to more like-minded people. If you can build a network of followers, the suc-
cess of your game will follow. A lot of people get that mixed up and think it's the other
way around. It's not.
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