Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
I hope that this chapter has given you a good impression of how working with Ko-
bold2D will help you make games and apps easier and have more possibilities. On the web site, you'll have access to the API documentation of all
libraries, a programming guide, the support forum, the feedback section, and a road
map that allows you to see how Kobold2D development is progressing. And you defin-
itely should check up on the progress I'm making regarding KoboldScript at . KoboldScript is the Lua game-scripting interface for
Kobold2D and cocos2d.
One of the most important features of Kobold2D is its ability to use Lua tables to
define settings. You'll then be able to feed these settings directly into properties of
class instances with just a single call to the KKConfig class. This is even more im-
portant if you work with others who need to make changes to the app but don't want or
shouldn't have to change the source code.
Kobold2D also makes dual-platform development for iOS and Mac OS easier and
provides a convenient, one-stop class for handling user input, as you saw in this sec-
tion. You'll also find plenty of template projects in Kobold2D based on projects created
throughout the topic and subsequently ported to work on Mac OS.
What's left is for you to go to now to download the latest ver-
sion, install it, and start experimenting with the provided template projects.
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