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Figure 2-14 . Select and add the libs folder to the cocos2d-library target
Now build and run the project to verify that everything is working. The cocos2d code
and any other library source code provided by cocos2d is now built as a static library
and linked with the application target.
Tip The cocos2d-library project has created additional files that are not needed
in your project. Locate the cocos2d-library.h and cocos2d-lib-
rary.m files in the navigation area and delete the files. It's just an empty stub
class that Xcode always creates when adding a static library target.
Refactor the Project's Source Code to ARC
With the cocos2d source code building as a static library that has ARC disabled, the
next step is to enable ARC for your project's source code. Fortunately, Xcode provides
a convenience function to convert existing code to ARC.
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