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Now if you run the Hello World project on the iPhone or iPad Simulator, you'll notice
a network connection dialog as in Figure 16-4 , which is the reason iSimulate is dis-
abled by default. Several users have complained about it; some were confused why Ko-
bold2D projects would want to accept incoming network connections. You'll also no-
tice the iAd banner that shows up because it was enabled in config.lua .
Figure 16-4 . Network connection warning caused by iSimulate
Note If you see an bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError er-
ror in your log with the message “The operation couldn't be completed. (ADEr-
rorDomain error 1.),” then this is most likely caused by the app not being set up
for iAd. The iAd service needs to be enabled for each app and each developer
in iTunes Connect. You'll find more information about enabling iAd for your
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