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Kobold2D Takes Dual-Platform to Heart
By having one target for each platform (iOS and Mac OS X) by default in its project
templates, Kobold2D allows you to build and run your code on both platforms from
within the same Xcode project.
Developing for both iOS and Mac OS platforms is also encouraged by the Kobold2D
API, which goes a long way toward ensuring that game engine code compiles for both
platforms. For example, if you try to read the mouse button states on iOS, the code still
compiles, and the result is a safe default, which in this case would simply report that no
mouse button is pressed.
The Kobold2D Workspace
After downloading and installing Kobold2D, you'll find the most recent version of Ko-
bold2D in a versioned subfolder of /Kobold2D —for example, /Kobold2D/Ko-
bold2D-2.0 . The installer will also open the Kobold2D Project for you, which allows you to start a new Kobold2D project from one
of the supplied project templates (see Figure 16-1 ) .
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