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The only exception is iSimulate, which requires the paid iSimulate app from the App
Store to unlock all features. The free iSimulate Lite, for example, doesn't support the
forwarding of multitouch events to the iOS Simulator.
Kobold2D Is Easy to Upgrade
A big incentive for Kobold2D was to simplify and streamline upgrading cocos2d in ex-
isting projects. The downside of using the cocos2d Xcode project templates is that a
copy of the entire cocos2d source code resides in each and every project, making the
upgrade process unnecessarily tedious and error-prone.
Kobold2D fixes that by keeping your code separate from any library's code. If a new
version of Kobold2D is released, and you want your project to use the updated code,
simply run the Kobold2D Project Upgrader tool of the newly installed Kobold2D ver-
sion. It will scan previous Kobold2D versions and offer to upgrade each individual pro-
ject with a click of the mouse. The only task that remains for you to upgrade your code
is the unavoidable code maintenance because of API changes—for example, classes
that may have been renamed in cocos2d or other libraries, or library methods whose
parameters have changed.
Kobold2D Includes Popular Libraries
A central aspect of Kobold2D is to spare developers the pain of adding third-party lib-
raries to cocos2d projects. Correctly setting up third-party libraries often requires in-
tricate knowledge of the build system, an intuition about how to read compiler and
linker errors, and possibly even small but crucial source code changes in the right
places. It can take hours, if not days, for someone else's code to compile and link suc-
cessfully on all platforms: iOS (ARMv6 and ARMv7), iOS Simulator, and Mac OS X
both in 32-bit and 64-bit variants, and all of those either with or without ARC.
That's what Kobold2D provides: lib service. Kobold2D 2.0 includes the following lib-
Libraries for both iOS and Mac OS X projects:
▪ Kobold2D (game engine code, Objective-C)
▪ cocos2d-iphone (2D graphics, Objective-C)
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