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You can learn more about Kobold2D and download it at .
Benefits of Using Kobold2D
I view Kobold2D as a game-development kit rather than a game engine. It's more like
a Linux distribution with the cocos2d-iphone project as its “kernel” and multiple other
modules tacked onto it, all ready to use after installation.
To stick with the analogy, if cocos2d-iphone were a Linux kernel with just its
command-line interface, Kobold2D would be providing the graphical user interface
and the essential applications that make the operating system more powerful, enjoyable
to work with, and accessible to a broader user base.
At the same time, the command line is still there; it has simply become part of a bigger
Kobold2D Is Ready to Use
Kobold2D installs like a regular application. There's no need to run a script in the Ter-
minal app or perform any other such error-prone tasks. Download and run the package
installer, follow the onscreen instructions, and you're done. It's quick and painless.
After installing Kobold2D, you can build one of the 15 template projects right away;
most of them are based on projects you've worked on throughout the topic. With the
exception of the app start-up process, which is now simply a configuration file,
everything you've learned about cocos2d in this topic and elsewhere still applies.
The Kobold2D installer also adds the various API references to the Documentation tab
of the Xcode Organizer window.
Kobold2D Is Free
Kobold2D is free and distributed under the MIT License. All the included libraries use
either the MIT License or a compatible license.
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