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Library), drag and drop the following objects onto the view. You can arrange these ob-
jects in the design area in any way you like:
▪ View (basic rectangular drawing region)
▪ Switch (on/off control)
▪ Segmented Control (multiple buttons in a single control)
Now select the newly added view object and switch to the Identity Inspector (View
Utilities Identity Inspector). You'll notice that the first item shows that the view is
derived from the UIView class. Because this should become the cocos2d CCGLView ,
use the drop-down button to select a custom class from the list. One of the first items
should be the CCGLView class. If not, scroll the list until you find the CCGLView or
simply type in the name of the class. The resulting user interface mockup should look
something like Figure 15-8 .
Figure 15-8 . The Interface Builder view of the hybrid app's user interface
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