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Note that you can select all libraries in one go by holding down the Command key
while selecting the items in the list. The added frameworks and libraries may be added
to the root of the project in the Project Navigator. You can safely drag them into the
Frameworks group where they belong, just to get them out of sight because you don't
need to work with them.
On the target's Build Settings tab, locate the Header Search Paths setting. You need to
add the path to the Kazmath library here, which is:
Alternatively you can simply add the entire project folder to the search path. You can
do that by setting Header Search Paths to this:
You may also remove the original application target and scheme because you won't
need them anymore.
You can now build and run the ViewBasedAppWithCocos2D target. It should
build the cocos2d source code now. But of course without a user interface, it's the same
dull and empty app as it was before. Let's change that!
Designing the User Interface of the Hybrid App
Select the ViewController_iPhone.xib file in the Project Navigator to see the
Interface Builder view. Using the Object Library (View
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