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Figure 14-8 . If the player moves on the iPhone, the iPad will update its view from the position packet it received
I hope this chapter and the provided GameKitHelper class help you get comfortable
with Game Center programming. Sure, network programming is no easy task, but I've
laid a lot of the groundwork for you, and even block objects are no longer foreign ter-
ritory for you. In particular, the checklist of tasks to enable Game Center support for
your game should help you avoid a lot of the initial pitfalls faced by developers.
Over the course of this chapter, you've become comfortable using the leaderboard and
achievement features of Game Center. Those things alone bring your game to a new
level. And with the user interface provided by Game Center, you don't even have to
write your own user interface to display leaderboards and achievements.
I then introduced you to the matchmaking features of Game Center, which allow you to
invite friends to join your game, find random players on the Internet, and allow them to
send and receive data.
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