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In the IsoTilemap04 project you'll get an introduction to sending and receiving packets
over a network. The most important aspect to creating network packets is that the re-
ceiver must be able to identify the type of packet received by looking at a common
header data. Typically, and this is also what the Apple documentation recommends,
you define C structs with a common struct field as the first entry for each packet. The
NetworkPackets.h file defines the structs, as shown in Listing 14-25 .
Listing 14-25 . Defining Network Packets as C Structs in NetworkPackets.h
typedef enum
kPacketTypeScore = 1,
} EPacketTypes;
typedef struct
EPacketTypes type;
} SBasePacket;
// the packet for transmitting a score variable
typedef struct
EPacketTypes type;
int score;
} SScorePacket;
// packet to transmit a position
typedef struct
EPacketTypes type;
CGPoint position;
} SPositionPacket;
You'll see that all packet structs have the EPacketTypes type field, and it's the
first field in each struct. This allows you to cast any packet to one of type
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