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Figure 2-4 . The cocos2d Xcode project templates
Note I discuss the Box2D and Chipmunk application templates in Chapter 13 .
Feel free to try them if you want to have some fun with physics right now.
Choose the cocos2d iOS template, click Next, name it, and save it anywhere on your
Tip It's good practice not to use space characters in Xcode project names.
Xcode doesn't mind, but some tools you use might. It's a matter of defensively
avoiding any potential hiccups. Even today, occasional problems occur related
to spaces and special characters in filenames. I always restrict myself to naming
anything code-related—whether projects, source files, or resources—to letters,
digits, and the dash and underscore characters. Note that the app's name, as it
appears on iTunes or on the device, defaults to the project's name. You can
change this in the Info.plist file by entering the app's real name in the
Bundle Display Name entry.
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