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b. Add #import < GameKit/GameKit.h> to your project's
prefix header file.
Before you proceed, make sure you've followed each step. You can always go back
and make the necessary changes later. But if you don't do all of these steps at the be-
ginning, chances are you'll get errors or something won't work, but the associated error
message won't necessarily point you to a mistake or oversight concerning one of these
Common causes for Game Center to not work properly are a mismatch between the
Bundle ID in the project's Info.plist file and the Bundle ID set up for your app in
iTunes Connect.
Game Kit Programming
Before you get into programming Game Center with the Game Kit API, I'd like to
mention the two important resources on Apple's developer web site.
There is the Game Kit Programming Guide, which provides a high-level, task-based
overview of Game Kit and Game Center concepts: ht-
troduction.html .
For in-depth detailed information about the Game Center classes and protocols, you
can refer to the Game Kit Framework Reference: ht-
GameKit/Reference/GameKit_Collection/_index.html .
The GameKitHelper Delegate
I mentioned earlier in this chapter that you'll use a GameKitHelper class to provide
easier access to Game Kit and Game Center features. Because connecting to an online
server causes responses to be delayed by several milliseconds, if not seconds, having a
central class manage all Game Center-related features is a good idea. All the Game
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