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Caution If you add the gamekit key but later decide you don't want to make
Game Kit a requirement, make sure you remove the gamekit entry. If you
simply uncheck the gamekit check box, it actually tells iTunes that your app
isn't available on devices that support Game Center—the exact opposite of
what you might expect. To actually make Game Kit an optional requirement,
you have to remove the gamekit entry altogether.
To verify that your project links with the Game Kit framework, select the application
target in your project. Select the root entry in the Project Navigator, which is the pro-
ject itself and labeled Tilemap in Figure 14-2 . Then choose the appropriate target (not
the one named cocos2d-library) and switch to the Build Phases tab. Unfold the Link
Binary With Libraries section to see the list of libraries this target is currently linked
with. There should be a GameKit.framework in the list.
If not, below that list are two + and - buttons with which you can add or remove librar-
ies. To add another library, click the + button. You'll see another list pop up like the
one in Figure 14-3 . Locate the GameKit.framework entry and click the Add but-
ton. Because you have a lot of libraries to choose from, and they're not always sorted
alphabetically, it helps to filter the list by entering GameKit in the text field above the
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