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Configuring the Xcode Project
Enter the Bundle ID you've entered for your app in iTunes Connect. Remember that
I'm using com.learn-cocos2d as the Bundle ID for the example projects, but you
can't use it because it's already taken now, and Bundle IDs must be unique.
Locate the Info.plist file in your project's Resources folder and select it. You
can then edit it in the Property List editor, as shown in Figure 14-1 . Set the Bundle
identifier key to have the same value as your app's Bundle ID. In my case, that's
com.learn-cocos2d , and in your case it will be whatever string you chose as the
app's Bundle ID.
Figure 14-1 . The Bundle identifier key must match your app's Bundle ID
You can actually use Game Kit—and Game Center, for that matter—in two ways. One
is to require Game Center, as the cocos2d project templates do, which means your app
will run only on devices that support Game Center and are running iOS 4.1 or newer.
However, for the examples I've written, I didn't make Game Center a requirement be-
cause it's relatively easy to check whether Game Center is available and then not use it
if it isn't. This allows your game to be run on devices running iOS 4.0, just without all
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