Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 14
Game Center
Game Center is Apple's social network solution. It enables you to authenticate players,
store their scores and display leaderboards, and track and display their achievement pro-
gress. Players can invite friends to play, or choose to quickly find a match and play a
game with anyone.
This chapter introduces you not only to Game Center and the Game Kit API but also to
the basics of online multiplayer programming and, of course, how to use Game Center
together with cocos2d.
Because a lot of Apple's examples are intentionally incomplete, you'll be developing a
GameKitHelper class in this chapter. This class will remove some of the complexit-
ies of Game Center programming for you. It will make it easier for you to use Game Kit
and Game Center features and let you easily reuse the same code for other games.
To configure your application for use with Game Center, you're going to use iTunes
Connect. The information on the iTunes Connect web site is considered confidential
Apple information, so I can't discuss it in this topic. However, I will point you to
Apple's excellent documentation for each step—and quite frankly, setting up leader-
boards and achievements on iTunes Connect is possibly the easiest aspect of Game
Enabling Game Center
Game Center is the service that manages and stores player accounts and each player's
friend lists, leaderboards, and achievements. This information is stored online on
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