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Figure 2-3 . The Hello Kobold2D project
Caution Due to a bug in Xcode, you should not open more than one Kobold2D
workspace of the same Kobold2D version at the same time. Xcode will only
load the Kobold2D-Libraries project for one workspace, leaving any other
Kobold2D workspace temporarily dysfunctional, typically resulting in a non-
descript “failed with exit code 1” type of error. To resolve this, close all
open Xcode windows and then re-open just the workspace you want to work
with. Builds will also fail if you open the Kobold2D project's .xcodeproj
file instead of the .xcworkspace because the Kobold2D-Libraries project
reference will be missing. The Kobold2D FAQ explains all these closely
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