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Download the latest cocos2d versions from
load . The latest Kobold2D installer package is available from + Download .
Install Kobold2D
Kobold2D users only need to run the installer package. Doing so also installs the Ko-
bold2D Template Projects and the Xcode documentation for cocos2d-iphone, Box2D,
Chipmunk, and other libraries.
After installation has succeeded, you'll find the Kobold2D files in your home directory
under /Kobold2D . You can safely move the /Kobold2D folder anywhere else on
your hard disk if you want, but I recommend leaving it as is for now.
Each new version of Kobold2D is installed to a subfolder of /Kobold2D , typically
named Kobold2D-2.0.0 or similar, depending on the version number. That's where
your Kobold2D projects for this particular Kobold2D version are located, as well as the
Kobold2D Project Starter and Project Upgrader tools.
Note To uninstall Kobold2D simply delete the Kobold2D folder. Remember,
your projects also reside in that folder, so make a backup of your projects be-
fore deleting it. You may also want to delete the Kobold2D documentation for
Xcode by deleting the files beginning with com.kobold2d in the folder /
Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets .
Create a Kobold2D Project
Kobold2D projects are created with the Kobold2D Project ,
which you'll find in each versioned Kobold2D subfolder—for example, in /Ko-
bold2D/Kobold2D-2.0.0 . Runing this app will show a dialog like the one in Fig-
ure 2-2 .
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