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Note If you don't see the anchor point circle, and there are no anchor point set-
tings under Image Parameters, you don't have the Exporter setting in the Para-
meters pane set to the Box2D generic (PLIST) format.
The last step is to adjust the collision bits of the table-top shape. Check the cat-
egory (Cat.) check box of the Wall row and then set the Mask check box in the Ball
row. This will enable collisions of the pinball table with the ball. Accordingly, you'll
have to set the same collision bits for the table-left and table-bottom shapes
because they're all part of the Wall category and should collide with the Ball cat-
Figure 13-7 . Finalizing the table's top shape
Use the Shape Tracer to create the shape for the table-left image in the same way.
Under Image Parameters, move the anchor point to Pixel coordinates 0,0 and 50,0.
Don't forget to set the collision bits just like earlier for table-top .
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