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Figure 2-1 . The Xcode 4 window with its four main areas: Navigation, Editor, Utility, and Debug
Download cocos2d or Kobold2D
The next step is to download either cocos2d-iphone or Kobold2D. If you download the
topic's source code (see Chapter 1 ) you'll find the exact cocos2d and Kobold2D ver-
sions that the topic's source code was written for. The latest versions available from the
Web may not be 100% compatible with the topic because they're continually im-
proved. Unless you feel comfortable deviating from the topic's source code on occa-
sion, you should stick to the cocos2d and Kobold2D versions provided with the topic.
You can download the topic's source code, including the corresponding cocos2d and
Kobold2D versions, from the Downloads section on the Learn Cocos2D topic's store
page: .
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